CFOs are adding value with automation.

Financial leaders are under pressure to optimize efficiencies and provide data-enabled decision support to senior leaders. Regardless of industry, they share one common reality: they can no longer afford to rely on disjointed spreadsheets and intuition to make or support important business decisions.

We are working with CFOs to identify the financial processes that stand to benefit most from automation and data analytics. Scroll for more.

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To improve processes

Billing and collections; accounts receivable

Journal entry, allocations & adjustments

Budgeting, planning & forecasting

Automate data reconciliation for a single source of truth

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Data Visualizations


To access real-time financial information

Generate user-friendly, dynamic dashboards and graphics tailored to internal customer needs

Share detailed reports that provide meaningful information to other leaders

Seamlessly combine information from multiple data sources

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Advanced Analytics for Finance


To accelerate decision support

Revenue forecasting

Problem spotting

Fraud detection

Develop demand models to improve working capital and inventory management

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Advanced Analytics for Business

To uncover hidden shareholder value and growth opportunities

Support optimization of pricing and SKU lineup

Track resource utilization against value creation and resource effectiveness

Create predictive models for early warning

Improve supply chain

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